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Street Photography Workshop Weston Super-Mare

Date: Sat 9th July 2022

Length: 1 day

Price: 125.00

The Victorian buildings, the seafront, the plodding donkeys on the beach and the iconic Grand Pier offer an ideal backdrop for the diverse and colourful revellers flocking to this classic British seaside resort in the summer. This is the perfect town to “Shoot the Street” and come home with images you will be proud of. You will be guided in an immersive exploration of the streets and seafront of Weston-super-Mare: we will be there with you in every step to help you find the best subjects and get close to them. You will see your photography improve and get to the next level during the day. We will help you become a better photographer.

One day workshops

These one day street photography workshops help you to develop your street photography skills and be part of an immersive experience with other fellow like minded photographers.

Most of our UK courses are based around events or locations where good photographs can be taken, allowing you to come away with both a great experience, new skills and some amazing photographs.

We will share with you how to create street photographs and not just snap random pictures of strangers from the back. We will also help you develop and build your confidence and overcome your fear of shooting strangers in unfamiliar places and we’ll guide you to develop great projects. We can stay with you on that journey offering critiques of your photographs as they happen.

We’ll show you how to look for situations and then how to develop them as they unfold in front of you using different techniques to give greater engagement with your photographs.

We love to keep in touch after the workshops, see your images and hear about your personal trips so please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at or

Who is this for?

Both amateur and professional photographers who are interested in shooting street photography and learning the skills in what to look for and how to overcome your fears of getting up close. Wedding photographers who would like to perfect and practice the art of street photography away from the big day. A maximum of six to eight people only which allows us to spend individual time with each photographer. Photographers of all levels of experience are made welcome and can participate. This is not a photo walk!

What gear will be needed?

We normally shoot light with one camera body and a single prime lens. Any camera model/make will be fine, but we encourage the use of a prime lens of choice among 28mm, 35mm or 50mm in full frame terms (that would be around 18mm, 23mm and 35mm in APS-C terms). If you feel more comfortable shooting with a zoom it’s fine. No flash, tripods, long and telephoto lenses will be needed: travel light and you will enjoy the day much more.

What is a workshop day like?

We generally start at 10.30 in the morning and stay out until 16.30. We will meet in a local coffee shop and start with an introductory briefing about the day ahead, highlighting what we will be looking for and where we will be going each day. We will also talk about street photography and techniques we can use to produce an interesting portfolio. We will talk about moments, layering, light, working the shot, background selection and more.

This workshop is street and travel photography based, with an encouragement to shoot un-posed images containing people in a context that shows the viewer an image that tells a story. Whilst we do take street portraits, this is not the focus of the workshop, but it is fine when kept in context.

We will be with you every step of the way, from when we meet in the morning until we call it a day. We normally have a short break around lunchtime for a snack and then finish at a local pub or coffee house to discuss the day.

We will split in rotating groups of two throughout the day so we will have a chance to shoot with each of the participants but also you will have the opportunity to have some quality 1-2-1 time with us.

We normally set a small challenge dependent on location to give some focus and discuss layering, how to look for and to stay with the moment, and different shooting techniques.

If you’d like to know more please feel free to get in touch at or

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1 day street photography workshop – Weston Super-Mare 09/07/2022


One day street photography workshop to boost your skills and come home with fantastic images. We will shoot together and you will get ongoing feedback and guidance throughout the day to help you become a better photographer. You will receive feedback on your images throughout the day, but should you wish to have a review of your day portfolio you can purchase add on (Zoom session with one of us)

Available seats: 5

A portfolio of up to 5 of your best images from the workshop that will be commented on during the Zoom session, which will last for around 30 minutes. We guarantee availability for the portfolio review within a month of purchase.

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