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Lets talk about Gear

Firstly you don’t have to be a Nikon user to come on one of my courses.

Gear, please just bring whatever camera you feel comfortable using, it really doesnt matter. We can all make any gear we have work wether it be a medium format camera or a small fixed lens camera. Its more about creativity and adapting yourself to take great photographs with the gear you have.

The main reason we buy more stuff or bring everything with us is that we fear we must cover every eventuality but the fact is that we will always miss great photographs, we just need to get over it and take the best photographs we can with the gear we have.

Generally you will miss more photos messing around with gear or being undecisive about what lens you should have for this given situation. The more gear you have the more decisions you have to make that’s why most of the time Im travelling I will just have one camera and one fixed lens so I can concentrate on making the best shot I can with the gear I have.

Gear I go out shooting with

  • Nikon D850
  • 35mm 1.8 lens
  • 85 1.8 lens in bag
  • Small shoulder bag

95% of my photos are with just a simple 35mm fixed lens. The best tip I can give you is go light and get a really comfy pair of walking shoes

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