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The best locations in London for Street Photography

Speakers Corner Street Photography

London Street Photography at its best. Every Sunday from about 2pm, at the east end corner of Marble Arch and just a short walk from Marble Arch tube station, you’ll find a mixture of people from differing backgrounds, religion and political persuasion standing on their soapboxes and ladders taking advantage to tell their story on the oldest living free speech platform in the world.

I spent over a year going back and forth to this venue photographing the colourful characters who come there most weekends.

If you’re starting out as a London Street Photographer, Speakers corner is a great way to ease yourself into the genre with opportunities to practice layering, composition and character street portraits.

See Marks Portfolio on Speakers Corner

Speakers Corner Street Photography

Soho street photography

Once home to numerous brothels and sex shops but now to many bars, pubs and trendy restaurants that fill its narrow streets, a buzzing café culture exists on the roads and pavements of Soho, a perfect location to indulge yourself as a London Street photographer.

Here you’ll see many colourful, distinctive and interesting characters sipping coffee or just socialising with their friends, making great subjects for street photographs.

Wander along Greek Street, Frith Street and many others with your camera ready to capture London life at its most colourful.

Soho is a great place with its narrow streets to practice your layering as a London street photographer.

Soho Street Photography

Borough Market street photography

Established in 1756, Borough Market has a rich heritage, which is part of its appeal. It now is a beacon for sustainable food produce with local connections and draws people from every corner of the world.

It’s probably best to visit Borough Market for your London Street Photography from early morning when the market holders bring in their fresh produce till just after lunch time when swathes of both locals and tourists visit the market to grab a quick lunch from one of the may stalls. You’ll see many interesting characters working the market so its both a great location to get some great street portraits as well as choosing a great interesting backdrop and just waiting till your composition comes together.

London Street Photography

Covent Garden street photography

If you’re doing Street photography in London, Covent Garden has got to be near the top of your list. Although busy every day, it is at its peak on Saturday and Sunday afternoons with its unique small craft open stalls and small quirky shops, along with a café culture with added attractions. You’re spoilt as a street photographer.

Here you’ll find a real diverse section of interesting people either browsing through the plaza, watching the street entertainers perform to large crowds or sipping a glass of wine at one of the many street cafes and bars.

Covent garden is just a few mins walk from a few other great street photography locations including Soho, Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus.

Practice shooting from the hip or look for a colourful poster as your background and wait till your composition comes together.

London Street Photograph

Camden Town street photography

The best ways to reach Camden are via the underground or, if you want to park in little Venice, you can take the lazy canal boat to Camden Town which docks right in the centre of all the activity.

Camden Market originally started of as just a small arts and craft fair but is now the largest market in London.

Camden Town is a must visit for any London Street photographer, with a multitude of alternative quirky individual shops. Its people and the street food scene are certainly a great place to get some interesting street portraits.

Camden Market can get extremely busy has many narrow lanes: for street photography I’d recommend getting there early, as later, especially during weekends, it can become difficult with the volume of people.

Brick Lane Street Photography

Shoot the Street

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