The Best Photography Workshops

National Geographic Photographer Mark Seymour runs some of the Best Photography Workshops in the world thru Light & Land

Most of their best photography workshops are based in Asia with regular trips held in India and Vietnam with courses also taking place in Cuba, and Sicily.

Indian festival in Varanasi

The photography workshops will definitely take you off the beaten track, will have a street photography bias and a strong emphasis on small groups where Mark is with you most of the day.

Attending photographers always comment afterwards about how they were taken to places that tourists generally don’t go to, and that the photography workshops are totally immersive. The regular critiques of everyone’s work done most evenings, so we can all learn from each other, is one of the most appreciated features of these photography workshops.

Small groups are the order of the day, and Mark goes out shooting with each person individually throughout the time spent together and then into the evening where the day and work are discussed and reviewed, talking as well of the best practices we use as professional photographers.

During the course we go in detail through techniques that will help improve your photography whatever genre you shoot, bringing your skills to the next level.

We are here to help you as a photographer

We’ve got your back and we’ll take you to exciting places where we know through experience that you’ll come away with photographs you’ve always wanted to take.

With our local knowledge we’ll stay at local places and travel how locals do making the trip even more exciting and authentic.

The Best Photography Workshops
Headhunters of Nagaland

Current Photography Courses

Why not take a look at the places we are visiting over the next year ? The list is always being updated and if you’d like any more info on the courses we’re happy to set up a phone or Zoom call to let you know in more detail what each course is about plus answer any questions you may have .

Check out Mark Seymour being interviewed by Bob Patterson from Street Photography Magazine The best Street magazine for Street Photographers

What others say about our courses

Shoot The Street have been running some of The Best Photography Workshops for nearly ten years. Mark Seymour started the business as a Nikon Ambassador with trips to Kolkata supported by the Hope Foundation. The business expanded with Mark running courses in many Indian cities including Varanasi , Kolkata, Pushkar and Jodhpur along with a regular yearly trip to cover the Misteri di Trapani in Sicily. Flavio Bosi came on board early 2022 to share the workload with trips and teaching thanks to his long experience in Street Photography and leading street photography workshop.

Other locations we have run courses abroad include Vietnam, Paris, Katmandu, Myanmar, Nagaland and Assam with a few locations in the UK including London, Liverpool, Blackpool and Weston-Super-Mare.