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Poker Hands in Street Photography

Street Photography compositions discussed using the winning hands in a poker game, from a Royal flush to a pair, to score the complexity and difficulty of successful street images. Take a look at these winning pictures!
Camden Market Street Photography

London Street Photography

A blog by Mark Seymour The best locations in London for Street Photography Speakers Corner Street Photography London Street Photography at its best. Every Sunday from about 2pm, at the east end corner of Marble Arch and just a short…

Kolkata train Shot

How I took this Shot Click on the video link below to hear and see my thought process as the scene develops and I get this four layered shot People often ask what my thought process is when I see…

Lets talk about Gear

Firstly you don’t have to be a Nikon user to come on one of my courses. Gear, please just bring whatever camera you feel comfortable using, it really doesnt matter. We can all make any gear we have work wether…