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photography by Mark Seymour

The Best Photography Workshops

National Geographic Photographer Mark Seymour runs some of the Best Photography Workshops in the world thru Light & Land Most of their best photography workshops are based in Asia with regular trips held in India and…

River in Paris

Street Photography in Paris

A weekend spent exploring Paris to shoot street photography. Home to Henri Cartier Bresson and rich in iconic landmarks and fashionable street cafe culture.
Blackpool Street Photography

Blackpool street Photography

A Street photography course in Blackpool, the iconic British seaside resort. Our Blackpool street photography course this year coincided with the annual Rebellion Festival, the largest British Punk festival held here since 1996 and mainly in…

Leica Q2 Monochrom

Leica Q2 Monochrom Street Photography

The Technical Stuff The Leica Q2 Monochrom is definitely a boutique camera with the quality and craftsmanship of the finest products made. Id definitely consider it the Herme’s of the camera world with pure elegance in…

Street Photography Techniques

Poker Hands in Street Photography

Street Photography compositions discussed using the winning hands in a poker game, from a Royal flush to a pair, to score the complexity and difficulty of successful street images. Take a look at these winning pictures!
Camden Market Street Photography

London Street Photography

A blog by Mark Seymour The best locations in London for Street Photography Speakers Corner Street Photography London Street Photography at its best. Every Sunday from about 2pm, at the east end corner of Marble Arch…

Nagaland photography course

About Nagaland Nagaland is a state in the far north-eastern part of India. It borders Assam to the west and north with Myanmar to the east and It’s home to diverse range of indigenous tribes, with…

Sadu in Varanasi

Kolkata Street Photography workshop

Kolkata…India’s cultural heart Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) is the capital of India’s West Bengal state, originally founded as an East India Company trading post, it was India’s capital under the British Raj from 1773–1911. Today it’s known…

Hanoi Street Photography

Ive recently returned from the street photographers paradise that is Hanoi with five students who came on my course covering street Photography in Hanoi. We stayed at the ideally situated Tu Linh Legend Hotel located in…